Alberto De Gattis  was born in Southern Italy in 1983, he is a composer musician and  after years of study and a career as a guitarist. He has decided to build guitars and make a high quality product he has  build a comfortable, versatile instrument trying to realize the wishes of the musician. He handmade from raw wood only by himself all the instruments in his workshop in Italy, following the  specific requests of his customers. He selected from a wide and rare and hi-grade tonewoods, hardware and  pickups. 


Small aesthetic variations are the distinctions and uniqueness of the product.

De Gattis Guitars offers professional instrument in order to meet all the needs of the musician.   


All instruments are made according to customer specifications, choosing wood, shape, thickness, curvature, color, pickup, machine heads, bridge, electronics, frets, truss rod, nut.

They are made bolt-on and true-neck, with frets or fretlees. multistrings, extended range, fanned frets  and true temperament frets.

All models in this catalog can be ordered with various color, wood and hardware configurations.

Custom models can be modified or created on request, following the design  the customers like best.

Each instrument is delivered with a hard case.